Wizards Warning


As the old white-haired wizard approaches the village of the Tomen he feels a twinge of regret. For the last 10,000 years they have been without the use of the well other than the healing elixir it provided. It was partially his fault he thought to himself as his gray robe flowed down the path to the meeting. The Tomen had given him the name "Eyes of the Wise" but most of the villagers just called him wise one. But he liked his old name Keel better he didn't appreciate the fact that he was the oldest living Tomen by about 9900 years and the fact that he was immortal really got on his nerves.

10,000 years had not done much for his looks either he looked about 70 with long flowing white hair from his face and head there wasn't that sick anymore and the weather bothered him more and more every year. One of these days my joints were free stiff he said out loud to no one in particular and then when I make a cute statue and up probably locked me in the village meeting hut so they can hear my opinion when they want to and not when they need to.

The meeting had been called by him to inform the elders of the village that the Murka were growing in power and would soon be too strong to just ignore. The villagers thought him crazy for without the fist sized pearl on his willow walking staff and the matching one that hung from a large chain around his neck he was blind.

As he approached the largest at in the middle of the village he was greeted by the head of the elders Von. "What news do you bring us oh Eyes of the Wise?" "I don't want to cause a alarm without discussing it with the rest of the council first" replied Keel.

As he entered the hut everyone hushed. There was 11 elders around the table in the center of the hut including Von who I just taken his seat they all looked at him with mixed feelings. Some thought that he was genuinely crazy and others thought he was just senile. Only Von realized how serious this whole thing must be. "You must prepare to defend your village" said Keel. No one even flinched. The Morca have grown too big of a threat to ignore anymore and they rally around a new leader for war. "And just where do you get your information from" said a skeptical elder. "From the well" said Keel "he told me to prepare its people for the final conflict" "Oh bosh" said a elder "the well hasn't talked to you or anyone else in over 10,000 years and I think it's all just a tale we tell our children any more". "You're just crazy" he said.

Keel had told himself that this would probably happen but he hoped that they would believe him. "I warned you" he said "that's all I can do right now but do not take this message lightly" he said your children and your children's children depend on united actions of this whole village to protect them and their birthright as keepers of the Elven trees.

"Get out!" Screamed a red faced elder "you are senseless warnings are of no concern for us. The Morka haven't been bothersome to us for some time now they aren't even in the woods around Trees Keep anymore.

"Listen to your own words fool" Keel said, and turned and left on one motion.

Damn powerless and naïve elves, cursed Keel under his breath as he headed back down the path. 10,000 years of laziness and easy life had made them soft.